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We provide Google Cloud Platform solutions for organizations across multiple verticals and industries with a focus on data. Inside the Google Cloud Platform we focus on data analytics, AI & machine learning and visualisations with Looker.


Why the Google Cloud Platform?

Why Google? Google is a data-first company. They have class-leading, world-scale applications like YouTube, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Search, Gmail, and more. Google knows how to handle a lot of data.

With the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), they ensure that their mature and industry-proven solutions are available for other companies like you. GCP has the fastest network in the world. It is the founder of the most used container orchestration technology, Kubernetes. They opened their storage systems used for their applications like BigQuery, which uses Google’s filesystem, Colossus underneath. Google is the founder of the most used AI library called Tensorflow. They made it open-source. With GCP, you can use the same ML models like Cloud Vision API that have the strength of all Google’s data. So why should you not use them?

Google ensures no vendor lock-in, by making their solutions multi-cloud compatible and open-source. GCP has a focus on serverless solutions. This means that you do not need extra operational people to keep everything running. Google does it all for you. No worries about spikes in demand, Google will handle them.

That is why DataSight chooses the GCP to build your data solutions in the cloud.

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