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The DataSight team consists of 60+ talented people that have a common interest in creating a data-driven impact on businesses. We have experts in the broad business intelligence spectrum, from developers and designers, to architects and analysts.


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Are you passioned about data, technology and Google? Then Datasight is the right place for you! We are looking for new team members that are enthusiastic, dynamic and willing to grow professionally.

Take a look at our job opportunities:

Google Cloud Data Architect

GCP Cloud Data Engineer

Analytics Engineer

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Why choose Datasight?

Discover our ways of working

DataSight is a data-driven organization that is represented by a group of +60 data enthusiasts located in Belgium and The Netherlands. Through innovative, forward-looking thinking, we develop the data strategy that fully supports our customers’ business ambitions on Google Cloud.


One week application procedure

We are looking for people who are a match with our company, therefor we include a colleague, our sales and our 2 managing partners in 3 interviews. 

You will get to know our company, our style and our culture in one week! We appreciate an open two-way conversationduring the application procedure.

1. First interview

You will meet a fellow colleague together with our partner Katleen.

2. Second interview

Meet our sales Nico and Wouter and founding partner Steve.

3. Finalize

When both parties want to move forward we'll present you with a proposal.

Your personal growth

Even before your first day we will start the conversation about your personal growth. We are very curious about your short- and long-term ambitions and would love to do our part.

Together we translate your long-term goal into a roadmap of short-term goals, this is your very own personal development plan. Through personal follow-ups we ensure that your personal development plan becomes your roadmap to success.

Meet your mentor

When you start somewhere new, it’s always a challenge to find your way around.
Therefore, everyone will have a mentor who will help you in finding your way within the company and in accelerating your career.

They will support you with your PDP and be a counsellor. But they will also be the ones to show you the way to the coffee machine and the best sandwich bar in the neighbourhood.

Let’s have some fun

We all know the sentence: work hard, play hard.
At Datasight we: work hard, play hard and on top of that, enjoy good food!

If we go karting, VR gaming, windsurfing,.. or go sightseeing, we never miss out on a nice lunch or dinner. (We are no strangers to firing up the BBQ for breakfast.)

Throughout the year we organize a series of smaller events, all suggested by our team members. At least once a year we bring everyone together for a larger event, and of course our company’s anniversaries never go unnoticed. Did you ever had dinner in an aquarium? We did!

We like to do more

We strongly believe in helping and supporting each other, inside and outside our company. We support the Duchenne Parent Project, by sponsoring the full amount needed to participate for all colleagues who are willing to take on the challenge and bike, hike or suppport along in Italy with the Duchenne Heroes.

As we have been doing this for almost 10 years, biking has become our company-sport. By doing something good for others, our own team has become more active and engaged with each other. 
We are always open for suggestions from our team members to support a positive cause: A healthcare facility has an overgrown garden and could use help maintaining it back? Our company will provide the time to do so and our teams joint efforts will result in a garden they can all enjoy again.

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