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Whether you want expert insight on a specific initiative, or you are just starting to think about a data and analytics strategy, we’ve got you covered. Getting started is hard, believe us… we know. So, to break down the biggest barrier, we’ve build tailor-made tracks to support your needs.


Data Strategy

  • No rocket ship ever launched without a rock-solid game-plan. And neither does your data analytics project. You need to have a clear and realistic analytics strategy in place before you can achieve the results you wish for. Not sure where to start? Do not worry. We've got you covered.
  • We can help you with:
  • Goal setting
  • Ideation
  • Roadmap design
  • Data, Analytics & AI Strategy

Cloud Strategy

  • You want to move to the cloud to support your digital transformation?
  • We can help you with:
  • Define a solid future proof cloud architecture
  • Advice for a private, hybdrid, multi or public cloud
  • Migration assesments
  • Guidance in order to avoid typical pitfalls

Data Governance

  • Everybody in your organisation needs to trust and find the required data.
  • This is wheat Data Governance is all about.
  • We help you with:
  • Define and implement the rules of engagement
  • Use technology to support these rules
  • Make sure your business users have accurate, audited and documented data
  • Working on the People, Process & Technology to make sure your Data Governance initiative is a success

DWH Modernization

  • Optimise costs, performance and utilisation of your data.
  • We know all of it
  • Do you need a lift & shift, lift & rebuild or a lift & modernise approach?
  • What is the impact of the GDPR regulation for you and how do we need to handle our data?
  • Make sure your data is secured
  • What is our best architecture?
  • How can we remove the siloes between our departments?
  • Triggered? let's talk

Data monetization

  • You have the data and want to generate more business value out of it?
  • We offer various services to enable this
  • A strategic workshop to define the use case
  • You want to share your data? Make sure you have tought about security, anonymisation, connections and off course your data update process
  • Do you want an embedded solution or an open architecture?
  • Ideation is an ideal approach for Data Monetization in order to avoid big upfront costs


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