Improve Efficiency in Sales & Marketing

Do you need to spend more or less money in advertising? it’s time to choose for a data driven optimisation.

Single View of the Customer

  • Personalization at scale requires you to take on the challenges of technology and business in tandem.
  • We build a future proof tailored made customer data platform
  • Segmentation
  • Activation
  • GDPR
  • Automatisation
  • Gathering data from many sources
  • Know your customer
  • Are all these topics familiar for you?

Marketing Intelligence

  • Marketing intelligence should act as the guiding light for your teams’ decisions. By collecting and analyzing contextual data about customer and industry trends and behaviors, marketers can gain a holistic understanding about what is and isn't working. This can give businesses an important advantage over competitors, educate them about their target audience, and evaluate insights into their various products.
  • Marketing intelligence can also be applied to future goal setting. Setting clear goals beforehand can go a long way toward boosting the efficiency and scope of your marketing intelligence efforts. Moreover, clearly defining the role you want this information to play makes it easier to identify the right data to pull across the media mix.

Journey Analytics

  • We want to offer an experience that is personalised, secure and omni-channel proof
  • Let's start with identify and prioritise the journeys based on potential
  • Design the journey itself and identify each measurable step
  • Deliver customer insights with the identified metrics to create impact

Direct to Customer

  • The bypassing and/or empowering of traditional channels of distribution in order to build a direct relationship with consumers.
  • How can we help?
  • Define the future roadmap
  • Create a better buying attention
  • Bring the required data together
  • Build your brand presence

Data monetization

  • Data Monetization is the act (or art) of generating measurable economic benefits from available data sources/analytics, often a way for traditional companies to explore new business streams. This creates a market where one can buy data that, combined with their own corporate data, can increase the value of both sets and potentially leads to undetected insights : 1+1=3.
  • We offer various services to enable this
  • A strategic workshop to define the use case
  • You want to share your data? Make sure you have tought about security, anonymisation, connections and off course your data update process
  • Do you want an embedded solution or an open architecture?
  • Ideation is an ideal approach for Data Monetization in order to avoid big upfront costs


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