Google Cloud Data Engineer

Within DataSight, you will be joining a team of technology experts from a broad Business intelligence spectrum. Together, you will help clients harness their data to create insights that help them make informed decisions, improve business outcomes and accelerate their performance.

Who are you?

Following the Datasight vision and methodology, you will be leading the clients on different cloud & BI aspects. You will be responsible to deliver high quality, end-to-end cloud data solutions. As a key advisor, you are the point of contact from requirement definition to solution design and implementation. We are currently looking for a Google cloud data Engineer, who will join us in order to deliver high quality, end-to-end cloud data solutions.

  • You are motivated to become the expert on Google Cloud Platform
  • You have experience as a Data Engineer
  • You can implement and oversee Data Warehousing and ETL infrastructure
  • You can develop ETL jobs and tests to process, validate, transport, collate, aggregate, and distribute data
  • You ensure data quality and completeness of event logging across an enterprise codebase

  • You want to be part of a new team championing a data-driven culture
  • You want to continue immersing yourself in new technologies and solutions
  • You are willing to take on challenges and multiple tasks at a project in a proactive manner
  • You are profound in English and speak Dutch or French

Your qualifications

We are currently looking for a Google cloud data Engineer, who has experience with:

  • Google Cloud Platform or Azure/AWS
  • Building data pipelines with streaming and batch ETL
  • Automation of builds, deployments, testing and configuration

  • Software engineering with expertise preferably in Python
  • Docker, Apache Airflow/Beam


We’re a diverse team with different personalities, skills and characteristics, and that’s okay. We’re here to help each other, and strengthen each other with our skills and vision.

Continuous Development

There is always room for personal and professional development. DataSight is here to help you find and develop the career path you want.

Selfless Excellence

When there is a problem, there are solutions. Always. No challenge is too big for our dynamic and ambitious minds.

A culture of friends

DataSight is a place where friends work together, with its own unique company culture.  And being part of the Cronos Group, means having a lot of friends.

Perfect Fit?

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