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Unlock True Power in your Data
With Looker.

Looker integrates seamlessly into business workflows, embeds into third-party systems, and enables companies to build their own data applications. All while delivering world-class business intelligence capabilities.

The Looker platform unlocks the value of your data to deliver insights with impact and create data experiences tailored for every part of your organization. Business executives, data analysts, application developers, data scientists, customers, and business partners. Anyone who needs data to do their jobs can benefit from Looker capabilities.

Why go Looker?

About the Looker Difference

Your organisation can make better decisions happen when everyone can access the right data the right way. BI and data visualization solutions were initially designed to build reports and dashboards. Looker’s data platform goes beyond BI to help organizations deliver impact through data experiences that fit the way people work.

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  • Modern BI & Analytics
  • Integrated Insights
  • Data-Driven Workflows
  • Custom Applications

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Modern BI Analytics

A good-looking dashboard is great. But a dynamic one that provides more insights and access to reliable data is even better.

Embedded Analytics

Get more out of your data. Generate more revenue through data monetization by embedding data and insights right where your customers need it most.

Workflow Integration

Go to the next level with advanced analytics workflows through pre-built or custom integrations with Looker's APIs.

Data Delivery

Stay in the know. Send updates when something changes, or schedule and automate the distribution of reports to make sure everyone has the insights they need when they need it most.

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Business Intelligence

A smart new approach to business intelligence tools by Looker & Google Cloud

Embedded Analytics

Make the move to monetization with embedded analytics and custom applications for rapid time-to-value by Looker & Google Cloud

Data Platform & Modeling

Define your company’s business logic in Looker so it can be used by the entire company


Operating in a responsible disclosure program to facilitate security vulnerability reporting

More about Looker

Data Platform

Make better decisions with the platform for data

Data Modelling

Data modeling made easier.

Data Actions

Simplify your workflow. Quickly act on data right from Looker

Data Connections

Looker connections help you focus on data ROI

Start moving from data to insights

Your Data Challenge is our Mission

With Google Cloud and Looker Data Platform.

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