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mei 31, 2021

FedNot business insights

DataSight / Cronos Public started their collaboration with a federation of notaries November 2020 from the request to assess the reporting needs between FedNot and its partners/ecosystem (internal and external).  This has grown towards a strong partnership where DataSight / Cronos Public is the main advisor concerning the entire Data Platform and all reporting use cases on top of this.

Google Big Query + Looker

To facilitate the data-driven way of working, this federation has chosen to work with Google technology.  All data sources are integrated on the GCP platform : real-time data pipelines are moved into a dimensional model serving the self-service layer as well as business dashboards.  A differentiator in this decision is the seamless cloud based integration of front-end (Looker) and back-end (BigQuery) on one hand, but most of all the centrally governed layer approach of Looker, providing all functional and technical features to support all defined use cases.

Image : office facilities barometer – Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest – 202105

Key Features

  • A portal for client reports & dashboards
  • Centralized business logic layer
    • governed by BI team / IT
    • qualitative “always on” for business
  • Monitoring usage / adoption
  • Cloud native product of Google
  • Designed to share data inside & outside the organization

The data-driven future

The idea is to turn around the “on request” way of working between business and BI team towards a “always on” way of working, introducing a well governed self-service layer next to dynamic dashboards and scheduled reports.  From there all users can supply themselves with answers to business questions, as well as creating strategic insights.


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