After defining which solution is approved during the ideate phase, the last step before building and implementing it is defining which technology is best suited for you.
This can be your current or preferred technology that might need to be enriched or can be a complete new platform that meet all the requirements as defined during the ideate phase.
As a part of the Cronos Group, we have a broad network of partners that specialize in different technologies.

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Our process

Good ideas occur in every department of your organization. But how do you identify those who will bring the most added value to your business? And how can you be certain that the idea will become successful? By using design thinking we seek to dive deeper into your business needs and ideas. During a period of one week, we will guide you through a first prototype that will give you a lot of information on which future projects are the most interesting for your company.

Our ABC-model


Our activate track consist of enabling your co-workers to obtain the know-how to solve new business use cases on their own. We leverage our years of experience and industry leading best practices when providing training and coaching.

We offer trainings on our own platforms as well as custom trainings on your environment and data.


A company’s biggest and most valuable asset are the employees. Completely according to our mission ‘unlock trusted insight for everyone’, we want to boost and empower everyone in your organization by offering trainings for all the different stakeholders. Going from an end user training to a deep dive of the most granular features for an architect. Our trainings are always custom tailored to your data and technology needs. This ensures that we meet all your training requirements that are key to create a data driven organization



Besides our classroom trainings, we offer a wide range of coaching tracks.
In some cases your skilled team wants to validate their implementations,
have a low entry second opinion or just learn on the job.

With Datasight as a coach, we can coach your business users, help your architects and/or introduce new data driven concepts. This approach has proven to be very successful and efficient for many of our clients.


Best Practices

In a world where technologies, people and business processes often change,
the challenge of achieving a persistent quality of service is more crucial than ever before.

By using industry leading best practices throughout our projects, we ensure a smooth handover and intervention by other resources.
Next to naming conventions, documentation requirements, … we also advice you on various steps during your project.

We guide your team through the build, training or coaching phase by providing the best approaches to succeed in solving the requested solutions.



Our build track consists out of helping you develop your new business use cases using best-in-class technologies and frameworks. We leverage the correct security layers in order to provide you with the needed regulatory compliance.


During the development phase, our developers are in their element. But even during this phase is a close-follow up crucial for a successful end result. Daily stand-up meetings allow us to keep close track of their progress. It also allows us to tackle problems as soon as they occur.



At Datasight, we believe that trusted data should be the foundation of each data-driven organisation.

Next to the many specific policies, standards, regulations and laws that companies should follow, opting for trusted data will enrich further business processes.

Each development process starts with defining a development roadmap that matches your company’s policy.
It can be the way the data has to be encrypted,
logging has to be established or how the data has to be stored in order to be GDPR compliant.

We want to make sure that your company grows in a faster and secure manner.


Our areas of expertise are data and analytics. There’s nothing more important than making sure that your biggest asset ‘data’ is governed, secure and gdpr compliant.  

To ensure these 3 foundations we build further on the secure-by-design approach of the Google Cloud Platform. Together with our cloud security specialists we provide services in data, identity and user protection, logging and infrastructure security  



With our control track, we provide organisations with the necessary support to maintain and monitor new and existing applications. Ensuring business continuity, cost optimization, and much more.


Working on managed cloud technology doesn’t mean ‘nothing can happen’.  

With connecting API’s and agents we monitor and provide cross cloud platform metrics and dashboards. This service will help you understanding the relationship between cloud services, autoscaling clusters. 



Technology evolves rapidly, business demands change constantly and there are more technology offerings to cover specific use cases. Datasight wants to run your business on the best suited technology. With professionals like administrators, Datasight will perform software update, preventive or corrective maintenance tasks. 



Every organization strives to achieve improved operational efficiency. 

Together with our Cronos support partners we provide client-centric, data-driven IT support services across different platforms through our technical expertise and capabilities. This approach gives you higher availability and will enable your IT staff to focus on innovation.  

01. Data Strategy

By understanding what your business does and how it functions, we can help you identify how to optimize it. We start each project with the assessment of your organizations’ data vision strategy.

02. Ideation

By using design thinking we seek to dive deeper into your business needs and ideas. During a period of one week, we will guide you through a first prototype that will give you a lot of information on which future projects are the most interesting for your company.

04. Build

When developing your project, we operate using an agile mindset in which we develop new parts of your solution in short sprints. When using SCRUM, you are in the driver’s seat. In close collaboration with the development team, we focus solely on the important elements of the project.

Your Data Challenge is our Mission

With Google Cloud and Looker Data Platform.

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